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7 weeks





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45 Minutes


Jane Doa



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Below are thirty (30) questions, work them out carefully, and write only the correct answers on the spaces provided. You may use scrape papers for rough work ; each problem carries 1 mark.

1. Mary cannot solve 432-276 in base 8. Help her.

2. VII=7 and XI=11 in roman numerals. Which number is this: XXXVIII?

3. These fractions  3/ , 3/5 , 1/2 , 5/8 are not arranged in order. Re-arrange them in descending order.

4. Yup sold a dress for 24,000frs, he made a profit of 20%. Find the cost price of the dress.

5. Your friend can not write three million, seven thousand eight hundred an thirty six figures. Help him.

6. Atabong has 600frs and them has 550frs; how much money will atabong give to atem such that both of them have equal amounts?

7. Two angles of a triangles of a triangle mesure 73° and 45° respectively. Find the third angle.

8. 3/10 as a decimal is 0.3 write in 3/5 decimal form.

9. Njo deposited 20,000frs for 2 1/2 years at 2% per annum. Find the simple interest.

10. A triangle shape has a height of 5cm and a base of 4cm. what is its area?

11. 1980 was a leap year. Which of these was also a leap year.1958, 1968, 1978.


12. Your dad has to pay an income tax of 35 FRS per thousand. How much tax will pay on an income of 200,000FRS?

13. The populations of a village rose from 2500 to 2750 inhabitants in 5 years. Calculate the percentage increase

14. The area of your house is 575m2. Given that the width is 25m. what is the length?

15. Amil spent 2/3 of his money and had 600 FRS left. How much had he at first?

16. Given that X= 18 and Y=3 solve (X÷Y) (X-Y)

17. The average age of 4 boys is 13 years. The of the boys are 9 years, 11 years and 15 years. How old is the fourth boy?

18. Eno sells 3 oranges at 125 FRS. What is the cost of 27 oranges?

19. The diameter of circular drum is 49 com; what is its circumferences?

20. A decade is a period of 10 yrs. How many decades make 4 centuries?

21. Mrs. Mbu bought a bag of beans at 24 000 FRS and sold the beans at 39 000FRS. What profit did she make?

22. 60 kgs of meat were shared amongst two women at the ratio of 2:4. How many kgs of meat did each woman get?

23. The speed of a bus is 80km/hours. What distance can it cover in 2hours?

24. 4 is an even number. Which of these are even numbers. 9, 8, 16,19?

25. An egg costs 75 FRS, what is the cost of 4 dozens of eggs?

26. A prime number is a number that can divide only I and itself. Which prime numbers are found between 1 and 10?

27. The highest Common Factor of 12 and 20 is 4. What is their Least Common Multiple?

28. A car is sold for 400,000 FRS at a loss of 20%. How much did it cost?

29. A trader buys an articles for 550 FRS and sells at 975 FRS. What is his profit?

30. 2 angles of a triangles are 50° and 70°. Find the value of the 3rd angle.

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